The room was decorated beautifully by Rotarians Helen and Mollie and they made sure it looked festive as members arrived. As usual, fresh tea was in the pot and delicious biscuits and cakes on the tables.

Helen brought some musical Christmas characters which sang and danced on the tables as members were enjoying their teas and coffees and cakes which made everyone laugh. Members were also kept busy with Rotarian Danielle’s colouring in sheets which everyone enjoyed colouring with coloured crayons. Some beautiful pictures were produced.

This then followed with Danielle’s general knowledge quiz which provided much chat and laughter. Kevin and Mabel’s lovely friend Simone, was banned from answering too many questions correctly ! Singer, James Bernard then arrived and Lisa introduced James. He gave us all a fantastic performance. Rotary Club President of Hendon Eugenia joined us today and was soon on the dance floor with one of the members Irene.

It was good to see members Luigi and Adriana back, after a few months away in Italy and as ever, delighted to be joined by members Rita and Carlis.

Thanks to everyone for making this a particularly fun occasion. Thank you to Mark and Suresh for helping with moving tables and chairs and tidying. Also thank you to Lisa for her hard work producing the new flyers and programmes.

As this is our last session for this year I would like to wish everyone seasonal greetings and see you in the New Year.