Lisa welcomed everyone and members were also pleased to see Lisa after being away for a couple of the sessions last week for work reasons. Lisa provided some updates and also showed members some photos and a short video of her installation to Junior Warden of the Guild of Freeman of the City of London at Tallow Chandlers Hall. Everyone was very interested and congratulated Lisa.

As Lisa was unable to provide the usual Karaoke because PRS/PPL will not continue the policy for live music streaming, Lisa organised a few picture quizzes which everyone really enjoyed and chatted about.

It was then time for some music entertainment with James Le Bec and everyone really enjoyed the variety of songs and also enjoyed singing along. Eon Walters then joined and as usual gave everyone a good workout. Lisa then provided a multiple-choice quiz and the winner was Stephen, Peter and Brenda with 10 out of 10. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Colin and Rosetta.

Waitrose Whetstone bucket collection on Sunday 27th June 2021 – Thank you to Arzu Bingolo who works at M&S at Whetstone but decided to also do a 3 hour bucket collection at Waitrose in Whetstone and collected £97.41. Thank you very much Arzu for your continued support.