We had 17 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone. Lisa then showed a 1954 short old film about Shipman’s paste. It was interesting to see how it was made at those times and this also got conversations going.

James Le Bec then joined us and today he had a different style quiz. He started with singing a few songs to start with and then he had 10 music questions for everyone to guess the title of each song. James then got everyone to call out the answers and the winner with 10 out of 10 was Jackie and Joan. James then introduced a game of ‘countdown’. James gave everyone the first letter of each of the answers so there were 10 letters and members had to make a word. The person who could find the longest word from the 10 letters was the winner. Everyone enjoyed this game and Lisa said that she would try and find the music to the countdown for next week.

Eon then joined us for the exercise to music which was great as usual. Lisa then did 2 picture quizzes and the winner with the highest score was Pam and John. Lisa then called out the Bingo and the winner today was Laurie Lawson.