We had 25 members today. This session now has to be booked and 25 members is the new limit for the number of people in the room which makes it more manageable. Lisa welcomed everyone and also the volunteers Melvyn and Dr Angela and also one of our volunteers from the past Angela Chen who was so overwhelmed to be back and everyone was also very pleased to see her.

Everyone was busy with different activities Lisa prepared on each table. James then had a poem he wanted to read. This was from a magazine called ‘Pigeon Post Age UK’ James also read out about some of the many forms of transport in the old days which was very interesting. Anyone who would like to receive these magazines can subscribe if you go to https://www.ageuk.org.uk/barnet/about-us/newsletter/ There are some past months magazines too which you can download which makes interesting reading. Lisa then distributed 3 poems out to everyone and asked for different speakers. Everyone enjoyed reading the poems.

This was then followed with Bingo which was quite funny as Lisa had forgotten to put the first 30 balls into the bag. The first 30 balls are usually used every Tuesday for the Bingo Zoom session. Everyone concentrates hard for the Bingo and Lisa gave out some prizes to the winners. It was then time for some singing, so Lisa handed to everyone a booklet with all the lyrics. Everyone enjoyed singing along .

This was a successful and enjoyable session.