Today was our first session at the Eversfield centre and it was a glorious sunny hot day. It was lovely to welcome old and new members. Lisa also introduced and welcomed volunteers from the Rotary Club of Mill Hill – Jeanette and Graham Poulton, Jane and Ken Ferguson and Desmond and Bobsie Gordon who were also celebrating today their 47th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to them. Lisa also welcomed Theresa another volunteer who attends other dementia clubs.

Members had plenty to occupy them selves with whilst sitting and enjoying their cups of tea and coffee with a selection of biscuits and cakes and savoury cheesy bites.

We are very lucky to have such a fantastic large hall. Chairs were set up on the other side of the hall ready for our music entertainment with Helen Tierney who had everyone singing with lots of favourite songs. Helen was very pleased that the hall already had a piano which she played. Helen also played the accordion which everyone also loved. We also had a birthday to celebrate today. It was Dorothy’s birthday a few days ago and she didn’t mind everyone wishing her a happy birthday. Helen therefore played the happy birthday song and also played another special song for her which Dorothy appreciated.

Eon Walters then joined us for the latter part of the session with exercise to music and had no problems in getting everyone motivated and participating.

There was still some time at the end before the session ended and everyone was happy to chat before leaving.

It was a very successful session. Thank you to all my volunteers. The next session on the 5th October will be during the Silver Sunday week of events and Eversfield will be open for anyone to drop in.