Another hot day today. Lisa welcomed everyone and new members. There was as usual a variety of activities for members on the table which kept everyone very busy and chatting. Lisa also brought out some games today which got everyone participating. It was lovely to see Mike Rich CEO of Barnet Carers join us today and what a wonderful surprise to see him bring a big sack of red heart shaped pillows. He was like Father Christmas come early. Members were very grateful to receive the pillows. Thank you Mike.

We had a new exercise instructor today Lynda Keane who was covering for Richard as he was not feeling very well. Lynda was excellent and magical with all the members getting them to exercise in an enjoyable way. As Lisa had given the carers at the start of the session a Scattergories challenge, it was now time at the end of the session to find out their answers. This week they had to find A to Z ‘animals’ They really enjoy playing this game.

It was another successful session and thank you of course to my volunteers Angela Chen and Melvyn for all their help and of course Mark setting up at the beginning of the session.