Everyone was so pleased to be back to the Finchley Cricket Club and what a beautiful sunny warm day it was too. Some of the members enjoyed sitting out on the benches chatting. Lisa welcomed everyone and especially thanked Julian the owner of the club and his wife Jacqueline who made the lovely sandwiches and cakes for everyone. Lisa also welcomed Rotary Club members- Valerie Chodosh who is also one of our Trustees, Leonard Munasinghe, Satnam Singh and new Rotary Club member Andrew Wrensch for attending to volunteer their services.

Lisa had some quizzes on each table for some members which kept them busy but they mostly enjoyed chatting and enjoying the weather. One of the members also brought their dog Hettie who was so cute and a great hit with members. James who was on holiday in Devon last week also wanted to tell everyone about his trip and all the wonderful places he visited and experiences which everyone enjoyed listening to. It was also James’s birthday last Monday and was proud to let everyone know that he was 87 years old. Everyone gave their best wishes. Eon then joined us and gave members a good exercise session. This was then followed with music entertainment with Ian who got some members up dancing and having a good time. Lisa also made sure that Ian played a Happy Birthday song for James. This was a great first session back and members are looking forward to future sessions.