We had 15 members this afternoon. This was the hottest day and most probably people were making the most of the day being out. It was good to see our volunteer Melvyn and also Andrew Mills. Everyone had a lovely chat before the Karaoke and then James Le Bec and Joy joined us for the music entertainment. James decided today to a music quiz on female singers. Everyone did really well in the quiz, but our winner was Chris and Gina with 9 out of 10. Richard Kravetz then joined us for the Yoga exercises and then this was followed with his quiz and as Father’s Day is on Sunday 20th Richard decided to do a Father’s Day quiz. There were 3 winners for the quiz – Chris and Gina, Pam and John and Jackie and Joan. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Colin Pulvernis.

We had 25 members this evening. Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed new members. There was no seminar organised by Andrew for this evening but Andrew was happy to answer any questions directed to him. One of the carers mentioned that she wanted to talk about Hallucinations if possible. Lisa therefore decided to start with this topic and then any other concerns from members could also be discussed after. Lisa started to talk about her own experiences with her mum’s hallucinations. Unfortunately, Dementia is a disease that cause symptoms that can cause hallucinations. Lisa talked about some of the challenges she experienced with her mum’s hallucinations and how she responded. A few members shared some experiences which were discussed.

Please see attached some very useful information and advice about Hallucinations which I have found and copied from the following website.


Other discussions followed about exercises. Please see the following:

Baerbel suggested ‘A Wake Up Chair Pilates Class’ - https://u3alondon.org.uk/class/exercise-class-chair-pilates/

Karin suggested https://www.yogaandpilateswithgrace.com/

Gina suggested ‘The Bodycoach’ - https://www.thebodycoach.com/

Andrew suggested – David Powers who works at Copthall - https://copthallhealth.co.uk/blog/author/davidpowers/

Other discussions followed about Motion sensors and the following was suggested by Sandra:


Lisa thanked Andrew and everyone who attended the meeting which finished at 8.45pm

We had 17 members this afternoon. Members enjoyed their chat at the start and Kevin one of the carers announced that it was his 18 years wedding anniversary with Olivia. Everyone wished him a Happy Anniversary. The Karaoke then followed which everyone enjoyed singing along and then Ian James followed with his music entertainment. The session then followed with Eon Walters with the chair exercises and then Lisa called out the Bingo numbers. The winner was Rona and Sotiris.

We had 16 members. Sessions as from today are starting 2pm with chat time and then 2.30pm with Karaoke and then continuing with music entertainment. Members were happy with this change. At today’s chat session there was a lot of talk about flowers and members being busy in the garden during these very hot days.

Katie Paine then joined us straight after the Karaoke and was surprised to join in at the time when everyone was singing to Doris Day – Que Sera Sera. Katie sang as usual a variety of songs which everyone enjoyed. Eon then followed with the chair exercise session. There is no way anyone can fall asleep in Eon’s session as he makes sure everyone works out. Great workout and great fun at the same time.

Lisa then continued with a quiz which had tricky unusual answers. They were not easy but they were very interesting. Our quiz winners were Helen, Pam and Karin with 5 out of 10. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Sandra and Laurie.

This was a very hot and humid day. We had 18 members. The karaoke show started at 2pm followed by the chat session at 2.30pm. Lisa welcomed everyone and also a new care home – Chandler Court from Worcestershire.  It was a pleasure to also see our volunteers Melvyn, Andrew Mills and our Trustee Dr Angela. As members joined slowly, Lisa decided to do a picture biscuits quiz which everyone liked. As more members then joined after everyone started to chat.

James Le Bec and Joy then joined us for the music entertainment and then the music quiz which as usual is always fun and challenging. Richard Kravetz then joined to do the Yoga and as it was a hot day, he did some cooling breathing exercises which was also fun. Richard then continued with a quiz and today his quiz was about Fish and Chips. There were a few winners with 10 out of 10 – Stephen and Brenda, Pam and John, and Joan.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and today's winner was Gina and Chris.