We had 20 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone. Everyone was a little down hearted after the England v Italy Euro 2020 Final match. England played extremely well but lost in the penalties sadly.  There was lots of chatting about what the Prime Minister’s announcement will be as members are really looking forward to the party on the 26th July and some are also looking forward to the Southend trip on the 28th July.

Katie Paine then joined us and said that she was also looking forward to the party on the 26th July and singing with Ian. Katie sang a number of favourites which everyone enjoyed. Eon Walters then joined us for the chair exercises and as usual gets everyone working out hard.

Kevin then followed with a Family Fortunes quiz game with everyone which is always great fun. The winner for this was Stephen, Brenda and Peter.

Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Joan.

We had 17 members today. Lisa welcomed everyone. Lisa then showed a 1954 short old film about Shipman’s paste. It was interesting to see how it was made at those times and this also got conversations going.

James Le Bec then joined us and today he had a different style quiz. He started with singing a few songs to start with and then he had 10 music questions for everyone to guess the title of each song. James then got everyone to call out the answers and the winner with 10 out of 10 was Jackie and Joan. James then introduced a game of ‘countdown’. James gave everyone the first letter of each of the answers so there were 10 letters and members had to make a word. The person who could find the longest word from the 10 letters was the winner. Everyone enjoyed this game and Lisa said that she would try and find the music to the countdown for next week.

Eon then joined us for the exercise to music which was great as usual. Lisa then did 2 picture quizzes and the winner with the highest score was Pam and John. Lisa then called out the Bingo and the winner today was Laurie Lawson.

We had 32 members this evening and also a few new members. Lisa welcomed everyone and also Mike Rich CEO Barnet Carers, Andrew Wrensch, Valerie Chodosh one of our Trustees and Doctor Angela Parker also one of our Trustees.

Sandra one of the carers wanted to mention how very pleased she was with her Physio man recommended by our Trustee Valerie. His details are;

Michael – Mobile 07988781508 (When you call mention Dementia Club UK)

A few members raised concerns about how to deal with their loved ones when faced with various challenges and there were also questions about how to access information about dementia. Andrew’s 30-minute seminar which followed was in fact a presentation on  ‘Dementia Journey’ Andrew talked about what dementia is, the different types of dementia, how different parts of our brain function and also showed a short film how someone with dementia thinks and sees things in a different way. Everyone thought the presentation was great and very informative.

Further discussions continued after the seminar with more questions and members talking about personal experiences.

Lisa thanked Andrew for his presentation and also thanked Dr Angela, Valerie and also Mike.

The meeting finished at 8.40pm

We had 20 members this afternoon. Our new adapted afternoon sessions are going really well with more chatting and reminiscing. Lisa welcomed everyone and then showed a short YouTube video about ‘Going on holiday in the UK in 1964. It was interesting to see the different make of cars during that time and also the notice boards advertising items for 1 shilling. Members enjoyed talking about the film after. Lisa then did 3 picture quizzes which everyone enjoyed and then Ian James our music entertainer joined us. As Rachel was away today, Ian gave 45 minutes music entertainment with lots of sing-a-longs. Ian also had a few wigs to change into for some of his songs which were great fun.

Lisa then did a multiple-choice quiz with members and today was about Geography. Our winner today with 10 out of 10 was Gina and Chris. Lisa then called out the Bingo and the winner today was Kathy and Douglas.

Lisa welcomed everyone and members were also pleased to see Lisa after being away for a couple of the sessions last week for work reasons. Lisa provided some updates and also showed members some photos and a short video of her installation to Junior Warden of the Guild of Freeman of the City of London at Tallow Chandlers Hall. Everyone was very interested and congratulated Lisa.

As Lisa was unable to provide the usual Karaoke because PRS/PPL will not continue the policy for live music streaming, Lisa organised a few picture quizzes which everyone really enjoyed and chatted about.

It was then time for some music entertainment with James Le Bec and everyone really enjoyed the variety of songs and also enjoyed singing along. Eon Walters then joined and as usual gave everyone a good workout. Lisa then provided a multiple-choice quiz and the winner was Stephen, Peter and Brenda with 10 out of 10. Lisa then called out the Bingo numbers and the winner today was Colin and Rosetta.

Waitrose Whetstone bucket collection on Sunday 27th June 2021 – Thank you to Arzu Bingolo who works at M&S at Whetstone but decided to also do a 3 hour bucket collection at Waitrose in Whetstone and collected £97.41. Thank you very much Arzu for your continued support.