We had 14 members today. It was still a very hot day. There was some chatting to start with and the Lisa did a Fish & Chips quiz followed by a picture quiz. Ian James then joined us for music entertainment which was great fun as usual. As there was no Rachel for exercises, Ian continued another 15 minutes of music sing-a-long. Lisa then did another picture quiz after and then called the Bingo numbers and there were 2 winners today – Laurie Porter and Booba Beryl.

We had 14 members on this very hot and humid day. Today was also declared ‘Freedom Day’ from Covid restrictions. Members had lots to chat about. Lisa also did a multiple-choice quiz with members.

We had no Katie today as she was not well, so James Le Bec stepped in to cover – thank you James. The session then followed with Eon with the chair exercises and as it was so hot, Eon decided to do strength-based exercises instead of the usual higher intensity exercises.

Lisa then did a picture quiz with everyone and was then followed with the Bingo and the winner was Joan.

We had 18 members today. We had a good chat session and then James Le Bec joined us for music entertainment and Music Quiz and Countdown quiz. Lisa had the Countdown Quiz music which members enjoyed. The Countdown quiz winner with the most letters today was Pamela.

Richard then joined us for Yoga exercises which then followed with a quiz and today’s quiz was about Tennis after the recent Wimbledon games. Lillian and Karen were the quiz winners. Lisa then called out the Bingo and the winners were Keren and Frances.

Lisa asked Mike to talk about the new electronic ID Badge that sits in your wallet.  Please see the link below for the Barnet Carers e-ID scheme. This is for carers living in or caring for someone in Barnet.


Please also see below the link for carers living or caring outside of Barnet


Lisa mentioned she was successful in receiving 50 Life Books from Age UK and was happy to distribute them at the reunion party on the 26th July. The ‘AGE UK LIFE BOOK’ can also be downloaded . It is now downloadable and printable so there’s no longer a need to send away for it. Please see link below


Keren then mentioned about a book called ‘My Life Story’ which she has completed together with her mum which has been very helpful during times when there are reminiscing moments and also very helpful when carers come to look after her mum.

Andrew than also mentioned the ‘Getting to Know Me’ book which is attached for anyone who wishes to download and print.

Stephen also mentioned about a charity which developed a film about his wife’s life story. The film can be six minutes long or twenty minutes long. This is also a very good way of stimulating memories.

A discussion then followed about Vascular Dementia and a few members requested perhaps a seminar about vascular dementia for next week. Andrew said that he would be happy to prepare this.

Andrew mentioned about a weighted blanket. It is known that a weighted blanket can help people to sleep longer and have a better quality of sleep and less movement during the night.  They are used to calm people with anxiety and attention problems. It promotes a feeling of comfort and feeling safe like a baby tucked in. The type of pressure is called deep touch pressure and when evenly distributed to your body it is thought to increase levels of two hormones in the brain – serotonin and oxytocin which are associated to calm. Here is a link from Amazon showing a weighted blanket;


There was a discussion about frequently going to the toilet and concerns when going out if there are any accidents. It is important that in the first instance, this should be checked out by your GP in case there is a medical reason. Incontinence is however a common side effect of dementia. Other members talked about their experiences with their loved ones and suggested 'Pull Up' pants would  be helpful and will also give the carer peace of mind when going out.  

Sandra then mentioned a good consultant uro/neurologist at Queens Square Hospital. His name is Dr Jalesh Panicker.

Dr Panicker qualified in 1996 and has trained in General Medicine and Neurology. He became involved in the management of patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction early in his career when running a neurorehabilitation service. He has developed and maintained academic and clinical interest in Uro-Neurology. He often sees patients with unexplained bladder and sexual dysfunction referred to a neurological option. He is involved in the training of medical students, junior doctors and actively undertakes clinical research.

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

    pelvic neurophysiology
    urethral or anal sphincter EMG

    multiple sclerosis
    parkinsons disease
    unexplained urinary

In my last report I informed you about the Physio Michael Mirano recommended by Sandra. He has now provided me with further details;

He is a qualified Physiotherapist from the Fatima University in the Philippines and has been registered in the UK since 2015.

Experienced physiotherapist having worked both in NHS and private settings. At present working as a Senior Physiotherapist in Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust. His interest lies in neurological rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal and falls prevention. He has been involved as a volunteer for the NASS(National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society).

His fees are Initial Assessment-- £ 90.00, follow-up--45 mins- £ 90.00 follow-up--30 mins- £ 70.00 . A 24 hour cancellation notice required

A member mentioned about the Herbert Report.

The Herbert Protocol is an early intervention and risk reduction scheme to help find vulnerable people who are at risk of going missing. The protocol is named after a war veteran of the Normandy landings named George Herbert, who lived with dementia in a care home.

The link below is from the Metropolitan Police and the form can be downloaded.


Lisa also mentioned about the 2 events coming up and the various dementia club sessions soon starting at various venues.

Please see attached the flyer for the Dementia Club UK reunion party on Monday 26th July - 2pm to 5pm
<insert link here>
Please see attached details about the Southend trip on Wednesday 28th July – the Itinerary and the menu and drinks list
<insert link here>

We had 16 members on this beautiful sunny afternoon.

Lisa welcomed everyone and was happy to inform everyone that as a result of the Prime Minister’s happy announcement, Lisa will be going ahead with the 2 events and also starting a few of the venues. Everyone was very pleased. We had no Ian James today as he had a urgent family matter to deal with. We were very lucky to have music entertainment with James Le Bec who stepped in the last minute – thank you James.  This was then followed with Rachel’s exercise to music. This was Rachel’s last session and everyone wished her well. Everyone was pleased that Rachel would be joining the reunion party on the 26th July to do a performance of the Saturday Night Fever dance with the members.

Lisa then did a quick picture quiz asking everyone to name and give the place of 10 UK Bridges. Stephen got the highest score with 11 out of 20. Lisa then followed with Bingo and the winner was Kevin and Mabel.