We had a special visitor this week – the Deputy Lieutenant of Barnet (Her Majesty’s representative) Mr Martin Russell. Lisa introduced and welcomed Martin who gave an inspiring and uplifting talk. It was a great honour to welcome Martin and Lisa thanked him for joining our meeting. Martin had previously attended at the Finchley Memorial Hospital dementia clubs and wanted to join and see what we do at the carers group meetings.


Andrew’s presentation started at 7.30pm

Both Andrew and Lisa had some exciting news to share this evening. Andrew announced to members that Dementia Club UK are preparing a certified training programme for carers, families and professionals. People joining the training will receive International Certification, CPD accreditation. The training will deliver an in depth understanding about dementia, the different stages, how dementia progresses, how to deal with the different challenges over time, medication and much more. We aim to deliver this training to businesses, organisations, shops, care homes, hospitals and wherever is required.

Andrew gave a short introduction about dementia and briefly talked about the various topics we aim to include in the training. He also showed the Dementia Club UK BBC1 Inside Out London documentary film. This was featured on the 10th February 2020 and the aim of the film is raising awareness about dementia.


Rachel Burley – Stower Solicitors  - ‘Socially Funded Care’

Please see the training booklet (sent to you via email) which Rachel has asked me to provide to you all. It needs slightly updating, so a few things may be out of date. Rachel informs me that If there is anything you need further clarity, Rachel is happy to help.

Her contact details are: Rachel Burley-Stower This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Mobile No: 07830288327

Rachel has further provided a response below to a question which was asked in the meeting.

"On the question of IHT and joint beneficial interest, If the property that is being left to somebody other than the spouse then there may be IHT if the value is over £325k. However it is bit complicated as there is the transferable and residence nil rate band to consider before tax. They ought to get some Wills and IHT advice on that aspect. And will also depend on whether they have given any lifetime gifts too."


We talked about GP surgeries and how being able to see the doctor has changed since the pandemic.

A discussion was held with different views. One of the members mentioned that there was a Petition ‘To Re Start Face To Face GP Appointments’ and if anyone was interested, they could sign it. Please see the link below



Anyone interested - Dementia Adventure Holiday in Devon 18th – 22nd October 2021

Fulvia had a lovely supported holiday earlier this year in the Lake District which she told us about in one of the sessions.

She had an email from Dementia Adventure recently asking whether she would like to go on a similar trip to Devon, this is the link from Dementia Adventure's website:


Fulvia would like to ask other members whether they would also like to go for company. The dates are 18th - 22nd October 2021. If you are interested, please let Lisa know and she will pass your details to Fulvia.


Our speaker next Tuesday 28th September is Zaira De Novellis who will talk to us about Homeshare.

A busy session as usual and thank you to my volunteers – Theresa, Angela Chen, Melvyn and also Arzu who works at Marks & Spencer in Whetstone but loves to also volunteer for Dementia Club UK. Lisa prepared on each table various word searches and puzzles also included some magic painting which was enjoyed by all.

Richard Kravetz then arrived and provided some Yoga exercises which were great fun. The session then continued with music entertainment with Ian James who got everyone singing along and some members even dancing. A very successful session and lovely to see new members too.

Everyone was so pleased to be back to the Finchley Cricket Club and what a beautiful sunny warm day it was too. Some of the members enjoyed sitting out on the benches chatting. Lisa welcomed everyone and especially thanked Julian the owner of the club and his wife Jacqueline who made the lovely sandwiches and cakes for everyone. Lisa also welcomed Rotary Club members- Valerie Chodosh who is also one of our Trustees, Leonard Munasinghe, Satnam Singh and new Rotary Club member Andrew Wrensch for attending to volunteer their services.

Lisa had some quizzes on each table for some members which kept them busy but they mostly enjoyed chatting and enjoying the weather. One of the members also brought their dog Hettie who was so cute and a great hit with members. James who was on holiday in Devon last week also wanted to tell everyone about his trip and all the wonderful places he visited and experiences which everyone enjoyed listening to. It was also James’s birthday last Monday and was proud to let everyone know that he was 87 years old. Everyone gave their best wishes. Eon then joined us and gave members a good exercise session. This was then followed with music entertainment with Ian who got some members up dancing and having a good time. Lisa also made sure that Ian played a Happy Birthday song for James. This was a great first session back and members are looking forward to future sessions.

Another hot day today. Lisa welcomed everyone and new members. There was as usual a variety of activities for members on the table which kept everyone very busy and chatting. Lisa also brought out some games today which got everyone participating. It was lovely to see Mike Rich CEO of Barnet Carers join us today and what a wonderful surprise to see him bring a big sack of red heart shaped pillows. He was like Father Christmas come early. Members were very grateful to receive the pillows. Thank you Mike.

We had a new exercise instructor today Lynda Keane who was covering for Richard as he was not feeling very well. Lynda was excellent and magical with all the members getting them to exercise in an enjoyable way. As Lisa had given the carers at the start of the session a Scattergories challenge, it was now time at the end of the session to find out their answers. This week they had to find A to Z ‘animals’ They really enjoy playing this game.

It was another successful session and thank you of course to my volunteers Angela Chen and Melvyn for all their help and of course Mark setting up at the beginning of the session.

Lisa welcomed everyone and also welcomed Mike Rich CEO of Barnet Carers, Andrew Wrensch who provides our seminars and training and also Marcelo Navarro who runs a carers company. All contact details have previous been provided in my reports but happy to email them to anyone upon request. (All my previous reports can be read if you go to my website and in the search box type ‘carers’ – you will get a list of all my previous carers reports.)

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

One of the members enquired about wheelchair accessible vehicles. This topic was also raised last week and further searches are still being looked into. There was however a short discussion and few further suggestions which may be helpful. I found in my further searches details about Motability grants and eligibility which can be found here:  https://www.motaclarity.co.uk/charitable-grants

and I also further found some details on another website where automatic wheelchair accessible vehicles can be leased as one of the options


I will continue to report on this further.

Presentation Aggression and Dementia

Lisa then introduced Andrew who presented his presentation about ‘Aggression and Dementia’

Andrew talked about how we can identify and deal with aggressive behaviour and the importance of understanding that aggression is one of the symptoms of dementia. It’s not easy and can be very challenging. Andrew however went through explaining in his presentation giving advice and how to deal with aggressive behaviour.

Questions were raised by members which Andrew responded to and Lisa also provided some general advice too from experiences. Lisa mentioned that sometimes aggressive behaviour could be as a result of B12 deficiency, and this should be checked through your GP. It has been known by people who have taken regular B12 injections that they become less agitated.

Lisa also mentioned the importance and the power of music for those living with dementia. Andrew mentioned in his presentation there is the Right song which could trigger happy memories. Lisa also mentioned a very special favourite song called  ‘She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain’ which has been found for people living with dementia - is like turning on the light in a completely dark room.

There were further various other personal discussions. The session finished at 8.40pm.


Tuesday 14th September

We are delighted to welcome back Rachel Burley-Stower who will be back to talk to us about ‘Socially Funded Care’ – This will be interesting especially after hearing the proposed changes by the Prime Minister today. Rachel will also be happy to take any other questions too.

Tuesday 21st September

We are delighted to welcome the Deputy Lieutenant Martin Russell for The London Borough of Barnet – Her Majesty’s representative. This will be followed by our usual group discussions

Tuesday 28th September

We are delighted to welcome Zaira De Novellis to talk to us about the ‘Homeshare scheme’